Edgar Degas ,1834-1917, one of the most important Impressionist painter. He was born in a wealthy family of financial capitalists, his grandfather was a painter, although not very famous, but this gave Edgar Degas a good atmosphere of artistic growth. He has once studied in Italy to learn Italy art, especially the art of the Renaissance, at the same time he learning the sketching at Louis Lamott studio. When he returned to Paris, he had been a sketch expert. It is just at that time, those main impressionist painters - including Edouard Manet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Paul Cezanne, are very opposed to this sketch practices but Degas holds a different attitude, he admired the sketch of classicism. Edgar Degas has a natural bent on sketching, he likes the slim, coherent and clear lines, the lines are the guarantee of the elegant style, and the only way to achieve his admired beauty. Paintingiant art offering all the reproduction paintings by Edgar Degas.
When Watching rehearsals, Degas have the opportunity to see the the richest changing body posture from various angles. When looking down from above the stage, he could see the young girls dancing or resting, but also to study the complex shortening and theatrical lighting effects in the human body modeling.
In his Latest years, Edgar Degas put his main effort to the theme of a naked women. He worked harder than anyone else in order to have the nude themes freed from the academic tradition. He constantly research body, light, movement, human organs, and its role. He attempted to make a best portrait painter, but his appreciation of the human machine and its action and vitality is so great, this caused the cold rational idea in his image completely disappeared. Not only that, these images also reflect his enthusiasm, sometimes his all struggling. Thanks for support by Eyesee Art whom offering the soft decoration designing service.
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